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Columbine: A Word For Evangelicals Ten Years Later (The Internet Monk)

Thoughts on Columbine from the Internet Monk

There are certainly lessons that evangelicals can learn from this sad event 10 years later (Can it really be 10 years ago?)

Food for Thought

To quote the author in part:

“There are issues for Christians in Columbine. Issues like acknowledging and admitting mental illness. Insisting on competent law enforcement. Secure schools. Professional assessment of at risk students. Gun control. Help for struggling families. Awareness of the dynamics and progression of violence.

Columbine is not about, and never was about, Christian persecution or any of the other culture war mythology we were told by leaders ready to use this tragedy to advance their own agendas and organizations.

Columbine is about living in the real world, not in the evangelical fantasy world. It is about being educated, aware and fully engaged in the real problems of our communities instead of distracted in our own versions of what’s wrong with the world. It is a call to do what we can, and to help families, teachers and public schools be the best they can be.

Columbine is about being compassionate, prayer and useful for Jesus, not being know-it-all opportunists. For us, it’s about doing a real assessment of how we as evangelicals accumulate and use information. Can we trust the headline-grabbing media, or even our own cultural critics, to tell us the truth? Can we be patient? (I’m the worst at this.) At a deeper level, do we want the real truth if it doesn’t fit into our pre-existing categories and answers?”

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